Finding the Right Path Starts With Taking the First Step (Part 2)

And, if you don't know which way to go, check YouTube for directions

First, let me define what being on the right path means to ME...

Because, it will mean something different to everyone.

To me, being on the right path means that when I wake up I feel at home in my life. I am content, and I don't spend too much time feeling like something just isn't right. It means that when I am 100 years old and look back, I will say that I did all of the things I said I would do, and I'll smile.

Now, I know parts of my path with be twisty and rough and I'll have to trudge my way through. I also know that the many things have been given to me by sheer good fortune.

I have won the lottery in so many ways.

I love and I am loved. I have what I need to take care of myself and my kids. I have the privilege to live in a country where I have the time and freedom and safety to even worry about my happiness at all.

I am blessed.

However, the one place where I have felt like something just isn't right is my job.

Believe me, immediately after writing that, I feel a tinge of guilt, because I am so grateful to have a job that supports us, and my job is considered a "good job" by most people.

But, after 15 years of trying to make it work, it just doesn't feel good to me anymore. I don't feel at home in my job, and, if I don't make a change soon, my 100 year old self will want to kick my ass for staying in this unhappy situation for way too long.

I need to make a change if I'm going to continue to seek my right path. I feel like building Discover Date Night with my sister is going to help me get back on track to where I really want to be.

I can already tell that things are shifting for me.

Right now it is 6:34 PM. Usually, this would mean starting to feel that sick feeling that it's almost time to get ready for my next workday. But tonight, as I write this, even though I have to get up and go to my "real job" in the morning, I have these little excited butterflies in my stomach instead of dread. I am downright giddy that we are making something happen! We said we were going to do this, and now we are! I know I have to go to work tomorrow, but I also know this endeavor is going to move me in the right direction to doing work that I love. I feel empowered. I feel hopeful.

I think these gut feelings are the compass to your right path.

For more on how trying to find work that is fulfilling led us to creating Discover Date Night, check out part one of this post.

So, What's YouTube Got to Do With It?

Fun Fact #1

Here are five current titles in my TED Talk watch list, in no particular order at all.

  • "What Really Matters at the End of Life?"

  • "How to Discover Your Authentic Self "

  • "4Habits of ALL Successful Relationships"

  • "Allow Things to Unfold and You Will Find Your Purpose in Life"

Fun Fact #2

When my search for the right path feels a bit wayward, I log into YouTube, and I look at my suggested video titles as breadcrumbs dropped by the Universe that will lead me directly to where I should be.

Fun Fact #3

I'm only partly kidding...

You see, I don't think that the Universe is going to give us an obvious set of directions to our right paths, but I do think that we get hints. And, I think we can look at our social media feeds for some real insight into the paths that might be the most fulfilling for us.

As I mentioned before, your quest to get back on track will look different than mine. You might love your job, but feel disconnected with your partner. Maybe you feel the pull to move to another city. Maybe you are feeling physically unhealthy and you know you have work to do, but you don't know where to start. Whatever it is, go to YouTube (or Facebook or Instagram or TikTok...whatever social media you use most) and look at what the Universe is suggesting for you to look into.

But, don't fall into the panic trap that snags me sometimes... that I just don't have the time and the means to do ALL of the things that might really be good for me.

As awesome as it would be, I can't spend a few years under the instruction of a personal guru in search of enlightenment.

There are limits to how far away our right paths can be from the one we are on right now. That's why we have to be content with taking a step towards that path, even if we can run directly to it tomorrow.

So take a look. What are your top suggested videos? Why might these be suggested to you? Is this a direct result of a search that you initiated on this platform? Does this provide insight about where you are really uncomfortable in your life? Do you already know what is bothering you? Did the video actually provide a solution to a problem that you are currently working on? Are there actionable suggestions? Does that suggestion lead to another that you find relevant?

After looking at these titles and their offerings, make a list of what you have discovered. Then, make a plan. Can you use any of this as a jumping off point to redirect your trajectory?

The Universe, and YouTube, can only give us the information we might need. It is always going to be up to us to do the work.

So do the work.

Is there a conversation that you need to initiate? Is there a relationship that you need to mend or end? Is there a job that you need to find a way out of?

Figure it out, then forge your new path.

And, if you are in the same position that I am in, and you just feel the need to find work that moves you, here are some questions to ask yourself, that I have gleaned from my own YouTube rabbit hole.

What makes you smile? What makes you forget to eat lunch? What do others ask your advice about? What would you help your friends and family do for free, just because you love it? What classes would you pay to attend just because you'll enjoy them?

I think that somewhere therein lies the spark to your passion work. It's what led me here, and I am happier than I've been in a long time, because I feel like I'm on my way to somewhere great.



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