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October 13, 2022

One of our missions at Discover Date Night is to celebrate local businesses, and,

as you know, there is no shortage of awesomeness in the Lehigh Valley! So, check back each Thursday for our humble suggestions.

Oh, and by the way...these are not affiliate links or paid ads. We don't get any money for getting you to click or check out any of these local spots. We just genuinely love them, and we think you will, too!

If you'd like to add a destination for the consideration of other Date Nighters, please feel free to do so in the comments below!

Enjoy the Valley,

Leann & Hope

Leann's Pick

Nazareth, Pa

Last week, Hope picked a whole town as the "May We Suggest" feature. So, this week, it is my turn to highlight my favorite Lehigh Valley town. My hometown, Nazareth, PA.

When I was in high school, I couldn't wait to leave Nazareth. It was too small, and too quaint, and too safe. Everyone knows everyone. So, I went away to college, and got a job, and didn't look back...until...I started having kids.

When I thought about where I wanted to buy a home to raise my kids, the only place I wanted to be was home with my friends and family in Nazareth for the same reason I wanted to leave it as a teenager. It is small, and quaint, and safe.

But, don't underestimate Nazareth, it might be small, but it is mighty. Kinda like the wasabi pea of the Lehigh Valley.

From one pizza place and two hair salons per capita, to a psychic that has been in town for over 20 years...Nazareth has it all. Seriously, there is even a pretty decent song by The Band that mentions this place.

So, if you find yourself in the mood to pull into Nazareth, check out some of these local treasures. In no order at all (I mean, come could I pick a favorite?)

1. The Nazareth Circle on a Saturday morning for The Nazareth Farmer's Market.

This market is small, but it features enough local produce and homemade goods to keep you shopping for the morning. It runs from May- October, and there is usually live music! You can also walk down Main Street to check out some of the restaurants and shops that have been popping up everywhere. The initiative to bring in new small businesses has really added some variety downtown. I suggest hitting up the farmers market, then walking down one side of Main Street and back up the other side. Lots of little cool stuff.

2. Martin Guitar- If it's good enough for Jonny Cash and Kurt Cobain, Martin Guitar is tops in my book. Check out a tour and see how these iconic beauties are made.

3. Birthright Brewing Company-

I still can't believe we have our own Brewery. We are on our way.

Birthright has such a nice indoor and outdoor ambiance, serves great brews, and offers the best wood oven pizzas. And, one of the coolest things that I've seen is that they even invite local food trucks to sell in front of their restaurant.

I am here for this! I LOVE local businesses who support other local businesses just because it's ...well...good business :) Read the Birthright Cycle. It's perfect.

4. Jacobsburg State Park and Environmental Education Center.

We go here for hikes, bike rides, to play in the stream, and to collect leaves for school projects (shh don't tell- I'm not sure if I'm actually supposed to do this.) My dad took us to Jacobsburg when my sisters and I were little, and it's the place that I go now to clear my head. The main walking path is a quick little wooded hike but it really is beautiful.

Insider tip: look for turtles in the pond near the wooden bridge. We always do.

5. The parades. Nazareth sure likes parades. I'm pretty sure Hope and I even participated in a kazoo parade one year. Hope, can you verify that? Did that really happen or did I fever dream kazooing (is that a word) "Yankee Doodle" down Whitfield Street?

Speaking of parades, if you find yourself looking for a Halloween activity this weekend, check out the Halloween Parade October 15 @ 1:00. My kids really used to enjoy dressing up and dodging the tootsie rolls that were pelted at them from local small businesses and Brownie troops. But, don't worry...I'm sure the Halloween Parade will be less scary that the Kazoo Parade.

Insider tip: our favorite spot to sit is right on the lawn of the Nazareth Public Library (yet another cool place to check out in town).

Who knows? Maybe I'll see you there,


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