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November 11, 2022

One of our missions at Discover Date Night is to celebrate local businesses, and, as you know, there is no shortage of awesomeness in the Lehigh Valley! So, check back each Thursday for our humble suggestions.

Oh, and by the way...these are not affiliate links or paid ads. We don't get any money for getting you to click or check out any of these local spots. We just genuinely love them, and we think you will, too!

If you'd like to add a destination for the consideration of other Date Nighters, please feel free to do so in the comments below!

Enjoy the Valley (and then some!),

Leann and Hope

Hope's Suggestion:

Reading, Pennsylvania

Santander Performing Arts Center

Candlewood Suites, an IHG Hotel

This week I'm excited to suggest this awesome overnight date that Eric and I had in Reading, Pa.

Now, besides being a valued railroad property fought over in the game of Monopoly, Reading has way more to offer and a richer history than maybe you even knew!

Reading, is the 4th largest city in Pennsylvania and is known as "the pretzel city" due to an unusually large amount of local pretzel bakeries around town and their most famous factory Unique Snacks. (Mmmm..I just love their Pretzel Shells, May I suggest those as well!)

I digress, enough about pretzels, onto the actual topic. The Santander Performing Arts Center and Candlewood Suites Hotel.

Eric and I adore the Santander Performing Arts Center and have seen a few shows there. What makes it so love worthy? The history and old world vibe. The Santander Center, is a restoration of the former Astor Theater. The Astor Theater is an Art Deco style theater built in 1928. In 1998, the original building was replaced however several architectural details, chandeliers and gates were preserved and salvaged for what became the Sovereign Center. In 2013. the Sovereign Center became what is now the Santander Center. Wfew, that was a lot of history!

The history is what makes this places so special. There are thousands of beautiful, modern, technologically advanced arenas, sports venues, event spaces to see live shows, but they all lack charm. As soon as you walk into the Santander Center you notice everything draped in red velvet, detailed dark mahogany wood railings and countertops, and the smell of stale popcorn (and pretzels...omg, Hope, enough about the pretzels). The ushers and concession staff are sweet people, who some may be as vintage as the theater itself. There is of course a bar. A very low key bar, only the classics, cash only bar. If you are hoping for a Vesper Martini, this isn't the place for you. Simple vodka and Cokes will have to suffice!

Now, even though the theater has those lovely antique charms and old world feel, it's not to say the performers or quality of performances are old and stale. The quality of the shows is definitely up to the 2022 standards. Nice lighting and great sound system, the works! Our last visit there we saw comedian Brian Reagan, he's one of our favorites and he definitely did not disappoint!!

Now I HAVE to mention the Candlewood Suite Hotel. I know, ,I know, a Candlewood suite??? Really? This hotel exceeded my expectations in so many ways. When we checked in the hotel staff were so friendly and nice. Like actually nice, not fake hotel nice. As Eric was checking us in and doing all the boring check-in stuff, I was of course scanning the lobby for hints of what to expect in the room (I'm picky about hotels and cleanliness) and as I scanned all I noticed was a beautiful lobby, with the sweetest little conveniences for the guests. There was a "Forgot Something" display. It had a display of random items you might need while away from home. It ranged from iPhone chargers to a a Vitamix blender! And this was all free! Just had to ask for it, they'd let you borrow it. As I continued to scan I saw this sweet little sign. Ill let you read it for yourself...

I LOVE DOGS!! I am a recent dog owner and new dog lover and I immediately fell in love with this...and got excited that I might see some puppies cruising the halls!!

Onto the actual room...the room was so clean!!! The bathroom had full sized Dove brand shampoo, conditioner and body wash. They also had large fluffy towels. Eric and I are 5'9"and 6'2" and the usual towels in a hotel are basically hand big towels are a plus for us!!There was a full kitchen too! In the microwave there was a popcorn bowl with a new bag of popcorn to be popped and a sweet little note. How cute is that?

The bedroom- the BED was literally the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in! I kid you not, I ripped the sheets off just to see the brand of the bed. I took a pic so I wouldn't forget. Whenever I'm in the market for a new mattress, I'm definitely getting this one. The linens were clean and smelled like Downy fabric softner. The blankets and pillows were so soft and snuggly we felt like we were at mom's house or something.

No hotel visit is complete without a visit to the hotel fitness center. The fitness center continued the theme throughout the hotel with simple sweet little gestures. There was fresh chilled water and yoga mats tightly wrapped with a note showing they had been disinfected and cleaned. There was a nice variety of weights and the treadmill did not disappoint!

The morning we checked out, I went to scope out the lobby for maybe a free coffee? To my surprise there was a huge table filled with donuts, pastries, bagels, fruit, lemon water, iced tea, and Keurig with all the fixins. It was quit the unexpected spread! As I was scoping out the sweet treats the front desk woman told me to take as much as I wanted and enjoy. I asked her if she was the manager at the hotel. With a look of fear, she said she was the assistant manager and asked how she could help. I told her how impressed I was with her hotel and how wonderful the stay was, and thanked her. With a look of relief she thanked me for staying there with a giant smile on her face.

From the charm of the Santander Performing Arts Center to the little puppies I saw in the court yard as we left the Candlewood Suites, Eric and I drove home feeling warmth in our hearts that in a somewhat cold, fast paced world, there are still places where you can experience human kindness and charm.


Hope (and Eric)

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