May We Suggest...Taking a damn breath!!

Updated: Nov 4


One of our missions at Discover Date Night is to celebrate local businesses, and,

as you know, there is no shortage of awesomeness in the Lehigh Valley!

As Leann and I thought about what awesome place to suggest this week and reflected on the week and how we barely feel we survived. We both agreed this time to suggest some thing a little different.

This week we are suggesting that all you bad ass mamas out there, who are staying up late creating solar systems, working on quarterly sales from your car while your kid runs the football field, crock-potting dinner and mopping floors at at 3 am, skipping your lunch break to hit the treadmill and on and on and "TAKE A DAMN BREATH!"

As we all navigate what our new world looks like these days, we are all just exhausted. We keep adding more responsibility to our plates and have put a ridiculous amount of pressure on ourselves not only to keep up with all of our demands, but to master them and be the best at them!

Leann shared a story with me that I think we can all relate to. Her 3 year old was having a Halloween party for pre-school (yay!) She signed up on the class party food list to bring apple slices. ( she's so healthy) So the night before the party she ran to the store looking for the little individually wrapped apple slices. She planned to run in, run out, and finally just get home and breath for a minute.

This was of course NOT the case. I'm sure you have all noticed how grocery stored are oddly empty these days, so to her surprise the item she needed of course didn't exist. The thought of going home and slicing up a billion apples and individually placing them in ziplocks made her want to simply run her car off the road in sheer dread. So now she's in panic mode. Legit panic mode. She called me as she was walking out of the grocery store and was so annoyed and mad and stressed. She was texting and calling the pre school teacher about acceptable alternate snack ideas. All of this for APPLE SLICES for a pre-school Halloween party!

Ultimately she took Go-Go Squeezer Applesauce and everything was fine. But my point is, why? Why did Leann put so much pressure on herself? Why was this apple mission going to de-rail her? Why do we, as women, HAVE to do it all and do it all perfect?

With the amount of obligations riding on women in todays modern world, its just not fathomable for women to keep this up much longer.

So long story short, this week we would like to suggest to you to Just take a damn breath. Let yourself take a shortcut. Buy the go- go squeezer applesauce...everything will be ok in the end.



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